Well Groomed


Somerville Theatre - Screen 5 Mon, Apr 29, 2019 7:15 PM
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Category:Documentary Feature
Premiere Status:Massachusetts Premiere
Web Site:http://www.wellgroomedfilm.com/
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Director:Rebecca Stern
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The most colorful competition in America centers on creative dog grooming. WELL GROOMED travels with four champion groomers and their gorgeous, vibrant dogs through a year on the technicolor competition circuit. From South Carolina to California, New York to Arkansas, the film follows these women from their homes to the showrooms where their communities meet, mingle, and exuberantly compete.

Perpetual runner-up, Adriane is beloved by her fellow competitors for her friendliness, but has an intense drive to prove herself a winner. Nicole hopes to connect with people in the grooming community as much as she connects with her dogs at home, while striving to turn her struggling grooming shop into a successful business. Cat is the champion in the show ring, but must come to terms with the reality of competition as external responsibilities surface. And Angela is the glue that binds the creative-grooming industry, with her innovative beauty products, extreme skills, and swagger that comes from consistent success. Outside the ring, the four work as professional groomers, care for their own numerous pets, and experiment with new designs, finding inspiration in their seemingly mundane surroundings. These women are revolutionizing the age-old question: what is art?