The Good Nazi


Brattle Theatre Thu, May 30 7:30 PM
Film Info
Director(s):Ric Esther Bienstock
Yaron Niski
Running Time:52 min


In 1943, as the Vilna Ghetto is about to be liquidated, Nazi officer Major Karl Plagge makes a decision to risk his own life and save the lives of Vilna's Jews. For decades, Plagge's incredible heroism was relatively unknown. But when Dr. Michael Good takes a trip to Vilna to see the place where his mother was saved, the story of the "Schindler of Lithuania" comes to light.  Plagge's bravery saved the lives of hundreds of Jews, including local artist Samuel Bak.  


The screening will be followed by a conversation with Samuel Bak and Dr. Michael Good.


In partnership with the Vilna Shul - Boston's Center for Jewish Culture.