Animated Expressions I

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Green Hills Cinema - Theater 15 Tue, Apr 25, 2006
Shorts Program


Animated Expressions I Total running time 105 min. It was an excellent year for animation submitted to NaFF, and we have two programs worth of animated works. This program features a wildly entertaining mix of the gentle and wild, the serious and funny highlighting a variety of animation. Five Infomercials for Dentists (Signe Baumane, USA 2005, 3 min.) Explore the daunting challenge of marketing dental hygiene in painless way. In A Plan (Tom Schroeder, USA 2005, 8 min.) A boy with an active imagination spends a day out with his parents in a boat. City Paradise (Gaelle Denis, UK 2005, 6 min.) Take a look at a young Japanese woman’s first visit to London. Binge and Purge (Benjamin Meinhardt, Canada 2005, 3 min.).Nature unleashes its anger (in demon-bear form) on an unsuspecting city. She She She She's A Bombshell (Ben Levin, USA 2005, 8 min.). During a long ride home from a punk show, a young boy fails to learn that sometimes when you talk, it annoys your friends. Day of the Cabbage! (Jeff Warmouth, USA 2005, 10 min.) Vegetables star in this short, where all is peaceful in Matzoville until a mysterious cabbage-meteor crash-lands. Emelia (Derek Flood, USA 2005, 9 min.) A quirky story of redemption in this story of a five-year-old goth girl and the world as seen through her eyes. A Musical Shop (Sonya Krautcova, Russia 2005, 13 min.) The story of a very unique place to buy intstruments is told. Spiral (WP Murton, USA 2005, 6 min.) Explore the subtleties and deconstruction of abstract forms and avant-garde electronic music. Arrest Assured (Michael McCormick, USA 2005, 3 min.) A comical story of a sad, poor, and simple-minded man who can't get any sleep. Tree Robot (Young-Min Park, South Korea 2005, 14 min.) A robot and a boy live peacefully commune with nature. War begins and ruins everything, but nature recovers through the medium of their friendship. Drawing Lessons (Maureen Selwood, USA 2005 , 6 min.) A woman who finds a book at a yard sale buys it, thinking that its lesson will change her life. Maestro (Géza M. Tóth, Hungary 2005, 5 min.) Time is slowly ticking away, it's five minutes before the Big Performance, and he Maestro is getting ready for the execution behind the curtains. Food (Maya Gouby, Belgium 2005, 6 min.) An old woman cherishes her passion for ducks. True Friends (Jelle De Beule Robyns, Belgium 2005, 5 min.) A cheerfull reminder that man has only two needs : friendship and huggings and kissings.