51 Birch Street



Green Hills Cinema - Theater 15 Fri, Apr 21, 2006
Documentary Feature


51 Birch Street USA 2005, 88 min. DIR/CAM Doug Block PRD Block, Lori Cheatle ED Amy Seplin MUS H. Scott Salinas If you believe the old adage that “every marriage is a mystery,” then you know that your parents’ marriage is the greatest mystery of all. Try to unravel its secrets and you’re likely to stumble across things that the dogged detectives of classic film noir never imagined. But filmmakers rush in where angels fear to tread, and director Doug Block is no exception. Following the sudden death of their mother, Doug and his sisters are stunned to learn that their father has become romantically involved with a woman who spent years working as his secretary. As they watch the dad who was so emotionally distant throughout their lives shower his new companion with tenderness and affection, the kids can’t help but wonder if “new” is really the best description of their father’s girlfriend. When Mom’s diaries turn up in the attic, the movie becomes a suburban Citizen Kane—and as often happens in families, the pursuit of the truth creates an emotional brew that is frank and funny, sweet and shocking and every bit as delightful as it is thought-provoking. —Bill Owens Preceded by Grand Luncheonette (Peter Sillen, USA 2005, 5 min.), a look at the last days of one of the 42nd Street's unforgettable hot dog lunch counters. In Attendance: Doug Block Friday, April 21, 7:20 PM Print Source: Doug Block Copacetic Pictures 212-777-5422 dbblock@bway.net 51birchstreet.com