Almost Heaven



Green Hills Cinema - Theater 15 Sat, Apr 22, 2006
Feature Narrative


Almost Heaven Germany 2005, 85 min. In English and German DIR Ed Herzog PROD Judy Tossell SCR Herzog, Paul Herzberg CAM Sebastian Edschmid ED Uta Schmidt MUS Charlie Gillett CAST Heike Makatsch, Nikki Amuka-Bird, Carl Bradshaw, Wotan Wilke Möhring, Michael Gwisdek Ivan Shvedoff German country music lover Helen has always dreamt of singing at Nashville's Bluebird Café. She may not have the greatest voice around, but that isn't even her biggest problem—Helen only has a few weeks left to live. It’s now or never and she wants to give it a try, against the wishes of her narrow-minded husband who feels she should spend her last weeks in more “dignified” surroundings. With cowboy hat and boots, she sets off for Nashville—and lands in Jamaica. Wrong plane. Wrong place. Wrong music. She soon ends up in the calculating hands of Rosie, a saucy local whose morals are as skimpy as her skirts. With Rosie's "help," Helen makes it to Montego Bay, but soon has no money left to leave the island. But changes of hearts, letting go, getting real and listening to oneself make Helen’s last days more pleasurable than even she could ever have imagined. Full of infectious reggae (and country) music, Almost Heaven is a delightful story about friendship and finding your dreams wherever you may end up. Preceded by Top of the Circle (Shaz Bennett, USA 2005, 5 min.) How could anything be on top of a circle? Childhood nightmares, the food chain, a dying mother, and a newborn baby may give us an answer. Saturday, April 22, 9:30 PM Print Source: Gisela Viehoever Bavaria Film International