Back to the Fatherland


West Newton Cinema Wed, Jul 24, 2019 7:00 PM
Film Info
Director(s):Kat Rohrer
Gil Levanon
Language:English, German, and Hebrew with subtitles
Running Time:76 min
Type of Film:Documentary
Premiere Status:Massachusetts
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When filmmakers Gil and Kat became friends while at college in New York City, it was clear that their families' histories were strikingly different - Gil comes from Israel, Kat from Austria. Gil’s grandfather is a Holocaust survivor, Kat’s was a Nazi officer. With the increase of young Israelis moving to Germany and Austria, Gil and Kat decide to explore this trend through their distinct, but related, perspectives. What is the appeal of these countries to young Israelis? How do survivors feel when their grandchildren return to the countries they fled? And could their return to the sites of their families’ pain create reconciliation between generations? Back to the Fatherland follows three families as they explore this complicated transition and, ultimately, shines  light on the filmmaker’s own complex identities.


Followed by a Skype Q+A with the filmmakers