Make-A-Wish Event


Chaffin's Barn Theatre Tue, Aug 20, 2019 5:00 PM


A Wild West

Doors: 6pm
Curtain: 6:30pm

As Sophie and Dang attempt to save their floundering saloon business, a great many colorful characters have gathered to play in the big poker game. Winner take all!

With the stakes so high, Sheriff Tex turns up to keep the peace and keep an eye on various suspicious competitors. Everyone becomes a suspect when the saloon is robbed and a body is found at the scene of the crime. Can you find the murderer and figure out how the crime took place? Trust no one and just remember….. you may be a leading suspect yourself!  Come be a part of the intrigue, suspense, and zaniness that leads to a Showdown at the Rundown Saloon.

*Audience participation is encouraged.