MisEducation of Bindu, The

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The Toby at Newfields Fri, Oct 18 5:30 PM
Film Info
Film Type:Indiana Spotlight
Narrative Feature
Themes:Asian Experiences
Release Year:2018
Runtime:104 min
Production Country:USA
Original Language:English
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Prarthana Mohan
Cast:Megan Suri
David Arquette
Priyanka Bose
Philip Labes
Gordon Winnari
Producer(s):Edward Timpe
Screenwriter:Prarthana Mohan
Executive Producer(s):Mark Duplass


At 15, Bindu Chaudry has been thrust into public school. All she wants is to go back to homeschooling. In hopes of escaping the school bullies, Bindu tries to get her mother to sign a form to take a Spanish test, the only credits she needs to graduate high school, but her mother refuses.

Content Advisories: Drug Use;Language;Mature Themes


Guests Scheduled to Attend:

10/12 - Prarthana Mohan (Director), Megan Suri (Actor), Edward Timpe (Producer), Nicole Lehrman (1st Assistant Camera), Dani Sanchez-Lopez (Director of Photography), Kay Tuxford (Co-Writer), Gordon Strain (Producer), John Armstrong (Producer), Zachary Spicer (Producer)
10/18 -
Prarthana Mohan (Director), Edward Timpe (Producer)


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