Sondheim Theater Tue, Apr 21 6:30 PM

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Youth     | $15

The ocean is where all life began, it's stories are rich and many unknown. PREHISTORIC AQUARIUM ADVENTURE is the greatest adventure that Erth Visual & Physical has been on yet and we're gonna take you to a part of the ocean that’s so deep that only three people have ever been before (and only one of them was a celebrity).

Plunge in, dive deep and swim with the fishes, see Australia with new eyes, from our earliest origins of complex life to the largest living organism in the world. We're heading into uncharted waters where every two weeks a new creature is discovered in a world that we know very little about. More is known about the surface of the moon than the bottom of the ocean. What kind of creatures have lived there and maybe even still live their now?

$15 student pricing available only over the phone or at the Ticket Office.

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