By the Grace of God


Film Info
Film Type:Special Presentation
Narrative Feature
Themes:Current Events/History
Release Year:2018
Runtime:137 min
Production Country:Belgium
Original Language:French
Cast/Crew Info
Director:François Ozon
Producer(s):Eric Altmayer
Nicolas Altmayer
Screenwriter:François Ozon
Cinematographer:Manuel Dacosse


“By the Grace of God” tells the story of three adult men — Alexandre (Melvil Poupaud), François (Denis Ménochet), and Emmanuel (Swann Arlaud) — who band together to expose the code of silence that continues to enable a priest who abused them as boys. Their experiences powerfully illustrate the varying effects that the trauma of abuse causes on individuals and their families for years. The true story upon which the film is based is an ongoing scandal in France, with Philippe Barbarin, Cardinal of Lyon, convicted in March 2019 for concealing the conduct of Father Preynat. Winner of the Silver Berlin Bear Award at the 2019 Berlin International Film Festival. Courtesy of Music Box Films.