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Episodic Program 1
Regal Hollywood 27 Theater 10 Fri, Oct 4 12:00 PM
Episodic Program 1
Regal Hollywood 27 Theater 8 Mon, Oct 7 6:30 PM
Film Info
Section:Episodic Program 1
Premiere Status:Southeast Premiere
Original Language:Spanish
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Javier Devitt
Cast:Alena Chinault
Jon McCormick
Marcelo Melingo
Heinz K. Krattiger
Juan Alari
Producer:Nicolas Abelovich
Flora Fernandez Marengo
Natalia Mussolana
Screenwriter:Mateo Ingouville
Ezequiel Schmoller
Cinematographer:Luciano Badaracco
Editor:Javier Devitt
Music:Yosef Munro


Diane and Tim, a young American couple, give up their search for his father in Patagonia only to encounter a local con man, Alejandro, who lures them back into their journey. As the three travel deeper into the woods, mysteries abound and the forest plays tricks. Each searching for something, and ultimately discovering much more. They may be hunting a man...but what's hunting them?