Saint Cloud Hill


Film Info
Run Time:80
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Jace Freeman, Sean Clark
Cast:Chris Scott Fieselman, Lindsey Krinks
Producer:Denis Deck, Allison Inman, Sean Clark, Jace Freeman
Cinematographer:Jace Freeman
Music:Steven Charles Boone


In the woods around Ft. Negley near downtown Nashville, "Captain" Chris Scott rallies tent city residents to defend their community from the forces of gentrification. Evolved from a docuseries about the underbelly of Nashville's growing prosperity, SAINT CLOUD HILL witnesses the tragic personal experiences of a displaced community losing its last remnant of stability. Filmed over six months by a two-person crew, SAINT CLOUD HILL’s immediacy is the result of exceptional access. Filmmakers are there as a tense drama unfolds, from the tent community’s original eviction notice to a large city protest to a harrowing midnight police arrival. It features a compelling cast of tent city dwellers who depend on each other for food, shelter, recovery support, safety, and encouragement. Together, the community attempts to build itself up before it’s torn down.