The State Against Mandela and the Others


Emerson Paramount - Bright Family Screening Room Sun, Nov 10, 2019 4:00 PM
A deep look into the pivotal Rivonia Trial, which saw Nelson Mandela — along with members of South Africa's Jewish community — tried for sabotage.
Film Info
Director(s):Nicolas Champeaux
Gilles Porte
Running Time:106 min
Type of Film:Documentary
Premiere Status:New England Premiere
Law & Justice


In 1963, Nelson Mandela and nine other confederates were tried on charges of trying to overthrow South Africa. Several of them, as well as members of Mandela’s legal team, were part of South Africa's close-knit Jewish community. While there were no cameras present in court, there are 256 hours of sound recordings of the proceedings. Along with animation, interviews, and newsreel footage, these recordings bring the courtroom to life and illuminate the story of Mandela’s lesser-known co-defendants, the heroes who dedicated their lives to the cause of freedom, and risked everything in pursuit of liberty for all.


Followed by a conversation with Professor Ilana Hurwitz.