Green Hills Cinema - Theater 16 Mon, Apr 19, 2010 6:30 PM


Israel, 2009, 126 minutes

Director: Scandar Copti, Yaron Shani

Cast: Shahir Kabaha, Ibrahim Frege, Fouad Habash, Youssef Sahwani, Nisrine Rihan, Elias Saba


AJAMI is the debut from Israeli and Palestinian co-directors Yaron Shani and Scandar Copti, whose location filming, use of nonprofessional actors and balanced perspective lend a palpable authenticity to a complex, cross-cultural drama -- set in Jaffa’s multi-ethnic Ajami neighborhood, home to Jews, Muslims and Christians. The repercussions of a revenge killing reveal the cultural and religious tensions simmering beneath the surface: two young brothers fear assassination after their uncle wounds a local criminal; a young Palestinian refugee works illegally in Israel to finance his mother’s surgery; an Israeli woman and her affluent Palestinian boyfriend dream of building a life together; and a Jewish cop is obsessed with finding his missing brother.

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Sponsored by Nashville Jewish Film Festival