Girls In STEM Workshops


STEM Labs Sun, Jan 19 12:00 PM
Chariot Challenge with Sphero
STEM Labs Sun, Feb 2 12:00 PM
Lights, Camera, iMovie!
STEM Labs Sun, Feb 23 12:00 PM
Volcanoes and Chemistry
STEM Labs Sun, Mar 8 12:00 PM
Space Exploration: Designing Rovers
Lab A Sun, Aug 30 12:00 PM
Preventing Pollution: cleaning up dirty water
Lab A Sun, Sep 6 12:00 PM
Designing for Safety
Lab A Sun, Sep 13 12:00 PM
Coding with SmartGurlz
Lab A Sun, Sep 20 12:00 PM
Kitchen Chemistry


Join us for workshops designed and lead by our stellar Education staff, who help participants connect with real-world applications of STEM through design, programming, coding, engineering, and more. All workshops are held from 12:00 - 2:00 PM in the newly renovated STEM Labs at Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts, for just $5 per girl!