The Farewell


MONDO Summit, 3rd Floor Fri, Feb 7 7:00 PM
The Oakes Center Fri, Mar 13 10:30 AM
Film Info
Event Type:Dramatic Feature
Release Year:2019
Genre:Dramatic Feature
Production Country:China
Original Langauge:Mandarin, English, Japanese, Italian
Official Selection:2019 Sundance Film Festival
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Lulu Wang
Cast:Awkwafina, Shuzhen Zhao, X Mayo
Screenwriter:Lulu Wang


A headstrong Chinese-American woman returns to China when her beloved grandmother is diagnosed with terminal cancer. Billi struggles with her family's decision to keep grandma in the dark about her own illness as they all stage an impromptu wedding to see grandma one last time. This event is sponsored by Your Decisions Matter, a new program from SAGE Eldercare vunded by Atlantic Health System's Overlook Medical Center Community Advisory Board.