3rd Annual NY Cat Film Festival


Lark Theater Mon, Feb 17 10:00 AM



[There is no nudity, sexual reference, vulgar language or physical or verbal abuse between people - and no animals were harmed - in these films. Any tears you might shed would be tears of joy for happy endings. The films can be watched by all members of the family, but intended for adults and more mature children.]


CATS CRADLE - (12 min) - onathan Napolitano’s documentary about a retired couple who transformed their farmhouse into a hospice and senior living facility for cats.
BHUVANA & ABHISHEK - (8 min) - Mutual Rescue’s real story of a couple whose marriage was in trouble- and was saved by their mutual love of a cat.
CATCHA CAT - (3 min) - Blake Stowe’s funny story of two escape-artist cats and their owner who tries to catch them.
GOODNIGHT FRIEND - (16 min) - Rowenna Baldwin’s documentary exploring how deeply people can grieve over losing their pet.
TEAM MeowSA - (3 min) - iana Lee Woody’s mockumentary about “a fiercely dedicated cat-athlete who made her Olympic debut in the 2018 Pyeongmeow Olympics.”
CATS MY LIFE - (8 min) - Alice Obar’s documentary about the life of a cat rescuer, surrounded by her “children,” the stray kitties she has saved.
CAT CAFE - (20 min) - Steve Latham’s documentary shows the happiness spread by a cat cafe. JUST VISITING - (2 min) - Charlie Kothe’s animated tale that proves how a “cool cat” behaves. FURBALL - (6 min) - Jason Rogerson’s imagining of how far a demanding cat will go to get his person’s attention. 9 LIVES - TALES FROM THE CAT SHOW Anicia’s story - (4 min) - Alyssa Pinter’s look inside the life of an autistic young lady whose life has been transformed by going to cat shows. FELINE PARALYSIS - (5 min) - Annie Laurie Medonis’s mockumentary on “feline paralysis,” the condition in which a person is unable to move due to the presence of a cat on one's lap. Program subject to change without notice