BARKIN/SELISSEN PROJECT presents Accidental Suite

Accidental Suite Tickting Image (002).jpg



BARKIN/SELISSEN PROJECT premieres Accidental Suite. Viewers across the globe selected Accidental Suite, 1 of 5 dance films as part of 2019’s Titles Project, to be expanded and presented live. With performances at 7pm and 9pm, audiences may move about this Neo-gothic lounge, sip wine and indulge in the expansive views of the Hudson River.

Born from raw experimentation, this performance installation builds relational tension through increasing levels of contact, evoking chance encounters, near misses, and the push and pull of relationships. In these deeply alienating times, Accidental Suite taps into the most essential of human needs, relating to one

(Children 10 and under do not need a ticket.)

*Special reserved and handicapped seating available upon request.   Please contact for arrangements.