Junction 45

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Washington County Fair Park & Conference Center Sat, Aug 22, 2020 3:30 PM

We’ve been working for months on a way for Junction 45 to still happen.  All of us here at Fair Park want to see a live music event happen as much as you do!  With that in mind, please bear with us as we have had to make a few changes in order to comply with the current restrictions and may have to make others as the event draws closer.  Updates will be available via our social media, website and an additional email sent to all ticket holders prior to the event. We want to make this event as fun and safe as possible for all. We hope you are understanding in the changes made so that this event can still happen.  If you are not or are no longer comfortable attending, you can request a refund prior to August 10, 2020.


The two biggest changes made are:

First, the event has been limited to a maximum of 5,000 in attendance.  The Amphitheater has a capacity of 20,000.  The capacities have been broken down into sections as outlined in the map to include:  VIP Fenced in area: Section 1- 144 max, Section 2- 150 max, Section 3- 400 max  General admission/lawn seating- 4,306 max.


Second, in order to accomplish the capacity limits, the reserved seating has been removed.  Chairs will not be placed in the sections with a seat number.  We are asking instead that you come and stay with your group and give space to those not with your group.  You are welcome to bring lawn chairs to sit in if you would like.  Please note that they will need to be open for inspection before entering the grounds. So for example: If you have a ticket in rows A-C, regardless of the row/seat number you are in Section 1.  If you have a ticket in rows D-K regardless of the row/seat number, you are in Section 2. If you have a ticket in L-W regardless of the row/seat number, you are in Section 3. If you have a General Admission ticket, you can spread out anywhere on the grass/hill outside of the VIP section.


If you are purchasing tickets, the system is still set-up as reserved rows/numbers however, those will not apply at the event.  Purchase your tickets for the section your group would like to be in. Example:  You could purchase tickets without them being together in rows L and O and your group will still be in Section 3 as the rows/seat numbers will not apply at the event.


If you have any questions about the changes to the seating or anything else related to the event, please do not hesitate to reach out directly to our office at 262-677-5060 or via email at info@wcfairpark.com


-3:30pm gates open

-4:30pm - Nightrain: Guns N' Roses Tribute Experience

-6:30pm - Battery: Masters of Metallica

-8:30pm - Hairball