Learn to Create your Reserved Seating Chart for your Venue


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Class Information
Class Type:Webinar
Recomended For::All Agile Clients
Organization Type:Art House/Cinema
Comedy Clubs
Film Festival
Performing Arts
Music Venues
Special Events
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Knowledge Base:https://agiletix.com/knowledge
Agile Community:https://agiletix.com/community


Many organizations are now relying on Reserved Seating to minimize risk and give patrons peace of mind at their venues. This session overviews:

  • Creating a seating grid in Agile. 
  • Deciding whether one or multiple sections is right for your map.
  • “Drawing” your clickable map with a Seating Chart image.
  • Setting different prices for different areas.
  • And (NEW as of July 21, 2020) setting Dynamic Seating rules to automatically create seat buffers for social distancing.

Participants are sure to learn two important tips on creating a seating chart: Make it legible and Keep it simple. A seating chart should be clear and easy to read, and customers shouldn’t have to decode it for information online, at the venue, or on their tickets.