Learn to Create your Reserved Seating Chart for your Venue


ATSU Learning Lab Tue, Jun 16 2:00 PM
ATSU Learning Lab Thu, Jul 9 2:00 PM
Class Information
Class Type:Webinar
Recomended For::All Agile Clients
Organization Type:Art House/Cinema
Comedy Clubs
Film Festival
Performing Arts
Music Venues
Special Events
Social Media
Knowledge Base:https://agiletix.com/knowledge
Agile Community:https://agiletix.com/community


Reserved Seating is becoming more of the "new normal" for many venues these days. In the session you will learn:

  • Creating the seating grid in Agile.
  • Choose one main level vs. multiple sections
  • How to use a Seating Chart image to “draw” your clickable map.
  • Creating different pricing based on areas

Here are some tips to use in creating a seating chart for an event.

  • Make it legible. The seating chart should be clear and easy to read.
  • Keep it simple. Organize and create it so the customer can easily pinpoint their assigned seat. People shouldn't have to look too hard to find the information on the seating chart when they purchase, on the ticket and at the venue when they arrive for the event.