Tree #3 (Short Film Program)

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Where Do We Go From Here?: Short Film Program
Virtual Cinema Wed, Nov 4, 2020
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A collection of short films exploring next steps.
Film Info
Director(s):Omer Ben-Shachar
Country:United States
Running Time:20 min
Type of Film:Fiction
Premiere Status:Massachusetts Premiere
Topic:Family Relationships


Itai is determined to be cast as the lead in his school play. When he gets the lowly role of Tree #3, he is sure it is because of his Israeli accent. So when his drama teacher allows him to direct the other “trees,” he makes sure to make the trees into roles his drama teacher will never forget.

Join director Omer Ben-Shachar for a live Q&A with filmmakers from our short film program Where Do We Go From Here? on Sunday, November 8th at 4:00 pm.