Opening Night: Saul & Ruby's Holocaust Survivor Band: Q&A and Performance


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Live conversation with Director Tod Lending and subjects Saul Dreier and Ruby Sosnowicz with musical performance on Opening Night, Wednesday, November 4, 7:30 pm


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TOD LENDING is an Academy Award-nominated and Emmy-winning producer, director, and cinematographer. His work has broadcast on television, screened theatrically, and has played at national and international festivals. His work has inspired the creation and passing of federal legislation and has garnered major foundation grants. He is the president and founder of Nomadic Pictures, a documentary film production company based in Chicago.


SAUL DREIER is the founder of Holocaust Survivor Band. He run concerts and speaks throughout the world. Born in Poland in 1925, his youth was stopped with the WWII. Spending years in concentration camps, his passion for music helped him survive. After liberation, he moved to the US, where he met his wife and started his business. Now over 90, his stolen youth is still with him. 


REUWEN RUBY SOSNOWICZ is the Co-Founder and Musical Director of The Holocaust Survivor Band. Born in Warsaw, Poland, Ruby survived Nazi persecution. He is a historian and archivist of Jewish music and has preformed all over the world for almost 8 decades with numerous orchestras and bands.  He is a proud great grandfather to 2 precious little boys.