Rain in Her Eyes

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Film Type:Stream
Film Info
Director(s):Ron Omer
Reuven Brodesky (co-director)
Running Time:60 min
Type of Film:Documentary


A deeply touching tribute to Dvora Omer, one of Israel’s most beloved children’s book authors, whose life and writing was shaped by one significant childhood event. When Dvora was just 11-years old, her mother died by gunshot. For years, Dvora heard conflicting accounts--had her mother been killed by a stray bullet during weapons training or had she died by suicide?  The unknowing punctuated her writing and relationships, making her into the writer that she described to her son, director Ron Omer, as a woman “rain in her eyes.”


Live conversation with Director Ron Omer and moderated by Yael Marx on Sunday, March 7 at 12:00 PM included with purchase of ticket.

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