PIFFtalk: Conversation with Joey Soloway


No Longer Available


Join us for a virtual conversation with television creator, showrunner, director and writer, Joey Soloway, on nonbinary and trans filmmakers. Soloway is the highest profile nonbinary individual in Hollywood, and created such award-winning and narrative changing shows as Transparent and is the author of the book, She Wants It: Desire, Power and the Toppling of the Patriarchy.

“I think of being non-binary as a thought exercise and a life exercise, and a gift. When I’m around non-binary people who live in that place between genders, it’s always a gift to retrain my mind and say, ‘they, they, they’. This person is not a man. This person is not a woman. They’re both and neither and either, and it’s always changing. That’s a huge gift because it forces me to interact directly with the person’s soul, instead of the things you might layer on top of that.”
-Joey Soloway

Joey will be in conversation with Doane Tulugaq Avery, a filmmaker whose stories focus on feminine, queer, and Indigenous character-driven narratives that seek to blend cinematic realism with surreal and musical moments. Avery has been a fellow for the Sundance Institute + IAIA Native Writers Workshop, and her shorts have screened at Outfest, Oaxaca Film Fest, Seattle Queer Film Festival, Moariland, Hamilton Workers Arts and Heritage Center, and The Cinematheque in Winnipeg.