If You See My Mother

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Film Info
Director(s):Nathanael Guedj
Type of Film:Fiction
Death and Dying
Family Relationships


Max is a thirty-year-old, single, opthalmologist who is very attached to his mother. When she suddenly dies, his attachment doesn’t falter -- he  continues to talk to her (and she talks back), he sees her, and she tells him what to do. Her presence is comforting at first, but as Max begins falling for a psychiatrist,  Ohiana, his dead mom becomes something of a third wheel. Romantic, funny, and sweet, If You See My Mother is an honest look at family and relationships, punctuated by outstanding performances.


Followed by a pre-recorded, captioned Q&A with Producer Véronique Zerdoun.


IF YOU SEE MY MOTHER is available to watch for a 48 hour period from JULY 21 until JULY 27 at 11:59pm.




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