Freeport LNG Theater Fri, Oct 22 7:30 PM
Freeport LNG Theater Sat, Oct 23 7:30 PM
Freeport LNG Theater Sun, Oct 24 2:30 PM
Freeport LNG Theater Fri, Oct 29 7:30 PM
Freeport LNG Theater Sat, Oct 30 7:30 PM
Freeport LNG Theater Sun, Oct 31 2:30 PM
Cast/Crew Info
Director:T.K. Kinney
Cindy Gernand
Producer:Callie Ayers
Cast:Dracula - Dale Heathcock
Abraham Van Helsing - Davis Gilbert
Jonathan Harker - Craig Fritz
Dr. Seward - Cindy Gernand
Lucy Seward - Sam Blackmar
Reinfield - Glenn LaMont
Miss Wells - Lowrie Smith
Butterworth - Jackson Kimbrough


October 22, 23, 29, 30 at 7:30 PM.
October 24 and 31 at 2:30 PM.

Adults $22.00
Students $16.00

Bram Stoker’s world-famous novel Dracula, the classic legend of the Transylvanian vampire,
adapted for the stage by Hamilton Deane and John L. Balderston.
The vampire, like no other monster or demon, exists in the twilight region between life and death.
Driven to nourish its peculiar existence, the vampire stalks the earth seeking sustenance in human blood.
We present to you the classic play that first introduced Dracula to the stage and invite you
to let the play move you to that dark place in your soul where anything is possible, including laughter.