The Chef (TV Series)

Available: 11/7/21

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Director(s):Erez Kav-El
Orit Dabush
Premiere Status:East Coast


Nimrod, an unemployed high-tech worker, starts working in the kitchen of a prestigious restaurant run by a brilliant chef, Dori, who is struggling to stay relevant and keep his place at the top of the ultra-competitive gastronomic world. The series explores toxic masculinity and the fragility of the male ego through the juxtaposition of the two male characters. The new cook is a family man collapsing under the weight of his responsibilities and his humdrum experience, while the chef is single, hedonistic, and self-absorbed, seemingly at the top of his game.


Episodes 1-3 screening during BJFF 2021. Remaining episodes available on December 5-12, 2021, to those who watched during the Festival.


Winner: Best Cinematography, Israel Television Academy Awards, 2020  

Winner: Best Editing, Israel Television Academy Awards, 2020

Nominated: 12 Israel Television Academy Awards, 2020

Sponsored by the Consulate General of Israel to New England


PLEASE NOTE: This film is only available to Massachusetts residents.

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