Who Will Remain? (Ver Vet Blaybn?) (w/ Shmues)

  • Short Film:  Shmues (w/ Ver Vet Blaybn?) Short Film: Shmues (w/ Ver Vet Blaybn?)

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Director(s):Emily Felder
Christa Whitney
Country:United States
Running Time:60 min
Type of Film:Documentary
Premiere Status:Massachusetts


Attempting to better understand her grandfather Avrom Sutzkever, Israeli actress Hadas Kalderon travels to Lithuania, using her grandfather’s diary to trace his early life in Vilna and his survival of the Holocaust. Sutzkever was an acclaimed Yiddish poet whose verse drew on his youth in Siberia and Vilna, his spiritual and material resistance during World War II, and his post-war life in the State of Israel. Kalderon, whose native language is Hebrew and had to rely on translations of her grandfather’s work, is nevertheless determined to connect with what remains of the poet’s bygone world and confront the personal responsibility of preserving her grandfather’s literary legacy.


Preceded by the short film Shmues


Live conversation with co-directors Emily Felder and Christa Whitney moderated by Lawrence Hott on Sunday, November 14th, at 12pm (noon) included with purchase of ticket or pass.

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Included Shorts

Short Film: Shmues (w/ Ver Vet Blaybn?) (5min) More