That Orchestra With the Broken Instruments

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Film Type:Stream
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Director(s):Yuval Hameiri
Michal Vaknin
Running Time:79 minutes
Type of Film:Documentary
Premiere Status:New England Premiere


Broken strings, fractured echo chambers, rusting valves. One brilliant conductor, three gifted composers, and 100 musicians from different backgrounds meet for four days of rehearsals to pull off a concert unlike any other: a concert played in Jerusalem on broken instruments. With professional and amateur musicians, young and old, this orchestra comes together in an attempt to create harmony in a discordant city.


Live conversation with Director Yuval Hameiri and film subject Tom Cohen, moderated by BJF Artistic Director Lisa Gossels, included with purchase of ticket and pass. 

Watch this recorded conversation on the BJF YouTube Channel.  Available on Monday April 4, 2022. 


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Available Massachusetts Residents Only