Shorts Program 4: College: Highlighting the University of Tampa



AMC Westshore 5 Sat, Mar 12 12:30 PM



Odd one – Malak Krayem, drama

A 10-year old kid with presumably dead parents wanders around until a suspicious stranger starts asking questions.


Common Grounds – Gina Bernardini, animation


Shape of the Past – Jean-Baptiste Hansali, drama

Jonah, a prisoner on death row, is given a choice: be sentenced to capital punishment or volunteer for a scientific project.


The Pornstar Prepper – Josh Parrish, comedy

A mockumentary, following the fluffers in the porn industry, specifically Tommy Salami, as he struggles to find meaning at his job, and how to deal with his secret crush on his coworker.


A Dragon’s Pearl – Amber Morales, animation

At the tallest peak of a mountain in Ancient China hatches a curious baby dragon. Unbeknownst to his parent, he travels down to a human village in the valley below. He is elated to see creatures he has never seen before but quickly finds himself in a precarious situation.


Boundless Contour – Alyssa Gilday-Fenger, experimental


In Bloom – Ky Mungenast, drama

Lily longs to turn her romantic dreams into a reality while taking shelter with her traveling companion, May, amid a snowy 1890s Utah frontier


Maid – Rose Caltrider, drama

A girl who lives in St. Petersberg, FL suffers from sexual abuse at home and struggles with addiction, and comes to believe she is turning in to a mermaid.

A Day in the Life of a Stunt Pilot – Steven Nye, Documentary

This film follows stunt pilot Michael Wiskus over the course of one day as he performs at the Pacific Airshows and reflects on his career.


Space Boy -  Hunter Dombroski, Comic Drama

A galactic treasure hunter takes on a quest to break into an abandoned space station and procure a rare artifact.