Walk With Me - Drama



The Woodland Thu, Jun 9 7:00 PM


Walk With Me follows Amber as she braves the decision to leave a long but worn out relationship with her husband to start a life in which she can finally find her own footing in the world and within herself. Amidst all the changes in her life Amber finds herself unexpectedly falling in love with Logan (Bridget Barkan). Both women have already had their fair share of life’s challenges. Audiences observe what has shaped them and what is yet to come. This film covers a lot of ground intricately with interwoven character arcs and a supportive lens on each character. This film offers a sincere insight into how a young mother, a late-bloomer if you will, can struggle to come to terms with falling in love, finding their passion in life, becoming comfortable within their own skin, and their feelings of attraction to unexpected sources.