American Birthright (VIRTUAL)

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Director(s):Becky Tahel
Country:United States
Running Time:66 min
Type of Film:Documentary
Premiere Status:Boston Premiere


American Birthright is a feature-length documentary that follows an Israeli-American's grapple with religion, love, and identity after her younger sister marries outside the faith. Becky journeys to carve out her identity as an Israeli immigrant in Los Angeles by consulting a handful of Rabbis, religious experts, mentors, and family around her initial question, "should I marry Jewish?". What she finds changes her initial question to "why be Jewish?"  & shifts the very course of her life. American Birthright  isn't a solely Jewish story — Becky gives an authentic voice to those struggling to fit in, find their purpose and identity, and own their individuality in a world that begs assimilation. 


Pre-recorded Q&A with Director and film subject Becky Tahel, included with purchase of ticket.


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