In My Own Little Corner: My Journey

House Open: 6:30pm; Run Time: 60 Minutes
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The Riverside Theatre Sat, Nov 5 7:00 PM
There will be an intermission, followed by a talkback with Chryssie Whitehead


Chryssie Whitehead’s “In My Own Little Corner: My Journey With Bipolar Disorder” 


A motivational cabaret performed by Chryssie Whitehead. Through song, story, and a bit of dance, we journey with Chryssie. She shares her mother's death, career and stories of Chryssie’s ups and downs, along with the huge grasp mental illness has played in both her mom's and her life. Chryssie explores how it is possible to get proper help, medicine, and tools to find clarity in one's life with bipolar disorder or any mental illness.  

This show is dedicated to her Mother, who’s life ended tragically from a slow suicide in 2013, without proper mental health care or diagnosis. This show was written to raise awareness and money for artists and our community, at large, so that one is able to afford the care that is needed to thrive in one’s life. And, most, importantly to not feel so alone. There is life after a diagnosis. Keep the faith.

There will be a 15 Minute intermission, followed by a talkback with Chryssie Whitehead.




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Updated April 25, 2022


Beginning Friday, April 29, 2022, The Riverside Church will no longer check for proof of vaccination. Patrons must wear mask upon arrival and while they are roaming the building.


 Patrons Must Keep Mask On During Performance at ALL TIMES.


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