G / 2hrs 5min + a 10 minute intermission


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Film Info
Event Type:Movie
Classic Film
Release Year:1940
Genre:Animation, Family, Fantasy
Production Country:USA
Cast/Crew Info
Director:James Algar, Samuel Armstrong, Ford Beebe, Norman Ferguson, Jim Handley, T. Hee, Wilfred Jackson, Ha
Screenwriter:Joe Grant, Dick Huemer (story direction), Lee Blair (story development)
Music By:Leopold Stokowski




Disney's Fantasia (1940)

Original "Roadshow" Version. Includes 10 minute intermission.

“The words most used to describe "Fantasia," besides the conventional "beautiful" and "wonderful" were "path-breaking" and "courageous." The phrase "courageous beyond belief" would be even more accurate.”
- Edwin Schallert, Los Angeles Times

“There's no other animated film with its scope and ambition.”
- Dave Kehr, Chicago Reader

Fantasia is simply terrific -- as terrific as anything that has ever happened on a screen.”
- Bosley Crowther, New York Times

“A joyous experiment in pure animation, an ambitious work of imaginative power, a showcase of cutting-edge technique, and a celebration of great music.”
- Steven D. Greydanus, Decent Films

SYNOPSIS: Released in 1940, represented Disney's boldest experiment to date. Bringing to life his vision of blending animated imagery with classical music. What had begun as a vehicle to enhance Mickey Mouse's career blossomed into a full-blown feature that remains unique in the history of animation.