Madison Community Arts Center Fri, Oct 6, 2023 7:30 PM
With a distinctive style all his own, author and journalist Tom Wolfe reshaped how American stories are told. RADICAL WOLFE is the first feature film to explore Tom Wolfe's life and work, a man who pioneered disputive journalism, challenged American obsessions and overused punctuation way before it was cool. Tom didn't just document America, he dipped his pen in acid and took readers on a vivid trip through the summer of love, landing on the moon and 1980s Wall Street money grubbing.


From a beat reporter at the Washington Post to an overnight sensation as the leader of the New Journalism movement, Tom Wolfe was at the forefront of reshaping how American stories are told. Recognizing the importance of overlooked subcultures and communities, Wolfe documented everything from rural stock car drivers to hippies in Haight Ashbury to the Apollo Astronauts, and his ability to bridge cultural and class divides while tackling stories central to American Life was unique in fiction and non-fiction. With a distinctive and oft-imitated style all his own, Wolfe’s body of work includes some of the most memorable and culturally impactful stories of the 20th century like The Right Stuff, The Bonfire of the Vanities, and A Man in Full. Radical Wolfe is a deeply personal and illuminating look at the man inside the famous white suit, featuring conversations and interviews with those who knew him best, including Michael Lewis, Jann Wenner, Gay Talese, Lynn Nesbit, Terry McDonell, Tom Junod, Christopher Buckley, Niall Ferguson, and Alexandra Wolfe.