NR / 90min


Lark Theater Fri, Apr 26 6:00 PM
Lark Theater Tue, Apr 30 9:00 AM
Film Info
Event Type:Movie
Release Year:2023
Genre:Drama, Fantasy
Original Langauge:French
Cast/Crew Info
Cast:Marc Zinga, Yves-Marina Gnahoua, Marcel Otete Kabeya
Screenwriter:Baloji, Thomas van Zuylen




After spending years in Belgium, Koffi (Marc Zinga), a young Congolese man, returns to his birthplace of Kinshasa to confront his family and homeland culture. Secrecy and sorcery erupt when a nosebleed is mistaken for a curse, and Koffi is shunned from his family. Using magical realism to paint a portrait of "undesirables" and "sorcerers," OMEN delves into the intricacies of identity, culture, and belief systems through a deeply rich and visually captivating lens.     

For a debut feature, Omen is a remarkable accomplishment and a thrilling glimpse into the work of a truly visionary filmmaker who no doubt has many more films to come. - Alexandra Heller-Nicholas,

Kinetic and full of promise. - Lovie Gyarkye, Hollywood Reporter