Chitty Chitty Bang Bang


Freeport LNG Theater Fri, Jul 12 7:30 PM
Freeport LNG Theater Sat, Jul 13 7:30 PM
Freeport LNG Theater Sun, Jul 14 2:30 PM
Freeport LNG Theater Fri, Jul 19 7:30 PM
Freeport LNG Theater Sat, Jul 20 7:30 PM
Freeport LNG Theater Sun, Jul 21 2:30 PM
Cast/Crew Info
Director:David Hill
Cast:Mason Rod - Caractacus Potts
Dorothy Dean - Truly Scrumptious
Michael McIntosh- Baron Bomburst
Shron Hill - Baroness Bomburst
David Hill - Grandpa Potts
Matthew Busbice - Junkman & Childcatcher
Dennis Urich - Mr. Coggins & Toymaker
Ava Arizmendi - Judi Potts
Natalia Varner - Jemima Potts
Dustin Cordoba - Boris
Shane Newby- Goran
Trevor Richardson- Lord Scrumptious
Vicki Cole - Ms Phillips
Mable Dean - Ensemble
Abigail King - Ensemble
Mila Stallberg - Ensemble
Kaitlyn Blevins - Ensemble
Samantha Blackmar - Ensemble
Cari Newby - Ensemble
Isabella McAdams - Ensemble
Lindsay Scovil - Ensemble
Stacey Herron - Ensemble
Madison Unger -Ensemble
Cohen White - Ensemble
Nicholas Reinhardt - Ensemble
Mason Walls - Ensemble
Colin Varner - Ensemble
Trey Quinn - Ensemble
Jackson Kimbrough - Ensemble


Adults $22
Students $16
Take a fantastical musical adventure with an out-of-this world car that flies through the air and sails the seas,
based on the beloved 1968 film version of Ian Fleming's children's book!
Filled with amazing stage spectacles and unforgettable sonfs Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is a high flying, fun-filled adventure for the entire family.