The Old Oak

NR / 113min


Lark Theater Fri, May 17 7:20 PM
Lark Theater Sat, May 18 4:00 PM
Lark Theater Mon, May 20 1:30 PM
Lark Theater Tue, May 21 11:45 AM
Lark Theater Wed, May 22 9:00 AM
Film Info
Event Type:Movie
Release Year:2023
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Ken Loach
Cast:Dave Turner, Ebla Mari, Claire Rodgerson
Screenwriter:Paul Laverty
Music By:George Fenton



Director Ken  Loach, who is 87 years old, has announced that The Old Oak will be his final film.

The Old Oak is the last pub standing in a once thriving mining village in northern England, a gathering space for a community that has fallen on hard times. There is growing anger, resentment, and a lack of hope among the residents, but the pub and its proprietor TJ are a fond presence to their customers. When a group of Syrian refugees move into the floundering village, a decisive rift fueled by prejudices develops between the community and its newest inhabitants. The formation of an unexpected friendship between TJ and a young Syrian woman named Yara opens up new possibilities for the divided village in this deeply moving drama about loss, fear, and the difficulty of finding hope. 


It’s a righteous oeuvre with marvelously strong roots. - Robert Abele, Los Angeles Times

It's as engrossing, thoughtful, heartfelt, angry, hopeful, and altogether valuable as his best work. If it is indeed Loach's farewell, it's one hell of a fine note to go out on. - Matt Zoller Seitz,