5 Days in Denver

12-5 Days in Denver.jpg


Green Hills Cinema- Theater 14 Thu, Apr 19, 2012 7:45 PM


Director Todd Cassetty
USA / 112 min.
Cast Glenn Spagnuolo, Mark Cohen, Barbara Cohen, Tom Mestnik, Carlo Garcia, Jill Dreier, Larry Hales

Protesters. Police. Pepper Spray. 5 days in 2008. A group of protesters, calling themselves Re-create 68, took to the streets of Denver to dissent against the American government at the Democratic National Convention (DNC). Defying federal court orders as well as riot police and bad press, this motley assemblage of men and women (ranging in age from 21 to 71) set out to 're-create the spirit of the sixties' and exercise their version of democracy with their voices and bodies as their only political capital. From arrests during the DNC to the weeks of planning leading up to the many marches and status-quo disruptions, this documentary embeds you in the life of the unconventional patriot and the modern protest experience in America. SOUTHEASTERN PREMIERE.