August the First

Narrative Feature


Green Hills Cinema - Theater 16 Sat, Apr 19, 2008 8:00 PM


USA 2007, 82 min.

DIR Lanre Olabisi PROD Nicky Arezu Akmal, Shawn Alexander, Olabisi, Gabriel "Swede" Sedgwick SCR Shawn Alexander, Olabis CAM Larry Hillier ED Alexander Kopit CAST Ian Alsup, D. Rubin Green, Joy Merriweather, Kerisse Hutchinson, Sean Phillips, Gloria Sauve, Monique Gramby, Robert McKay, A. Toni Sterrett, Erik Casanova, Geronimo Frias

It is the morning of Tunde's graduation party and things have already begun to unravel. Tunde has managed to alienate his sister, Simisola. His older brother, Ade, persistently plagues him with criticism, and their mother has started drinking again. Unbeknownst to most, Tunde has orchestrated the return of his long-estranged father, resurrecting unresolved family anguish against the backdrop of Tunde's celebration. As the day turns to night, old wounds are re-opened and bad habits are revived. Layer by layer, deception and half-truths are peeled away as secrets are uncovered in what will be become the most unforgettable day the family has ever experienced. In this heartfelt, multi-award winning film, first-time director Lanre Olabisi deftly intertwines the many characters' relationships and balances humor and drama to explore one family's skeletons in the closet and hidden motives. "Olabisi exhibits a sure hand crosscutting among story threads and has a fine rapport with his ensemble cast ... the climactic emotional fireworks ring true." -Eddie Cockrell, Variety Audience Award Winner, Urbanworld Film Festival Best Feature, San Francisco Black Film Festival

In attendance: Lanre Olabisi


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