At the Death House Door



Green Hills Cinema - Theater 3 Sun, Apr 20, 2008 9:15 PM
Green Hills Cinema - Theater 15 Tue, Apr 22, 2008 1:45 PM


USA 2007, 98 min.

DIR Steve James, Peter Gilbert PROD Gilber, James CAM Gilbert ED James, Aaron Wickenden MUSIC Leo Sidran

Devastating twists of fate abound in At The Death House Door, the gripping new documentary by Steve James and Peter Gilbert, who began their filmmaking partnership on the landmark documentary, Hoop Dreams, on which James was producer/director and Gilbert served as producer/director of photography. When two Chicago Tribune reporters investigate a Texas death penalty case, they encounter evidence that the state has executed an innocent man. Carlos de Luna not only went to the death house for a crime he did not commit, he went knowing who the real killer was - and was unable to find anyone in the system interested in the truth. Accompanying de Luna on his last earthly journey was Reverend Carroll Pickett, a prison chaplain whose spiritual struggle reached a turning point with the de Luna case. Pickett provides the filmmakers with a wealth of material, having taped a narrative of each execution he was involved in immediately following the event. Reverend Pickett, along with de Luna's sister, is haunted by the thought that he could have done more to prevent Carlos' death. Both will ultimately do everything in their power to prevent another such travesty occurring. Thoughtful, dramatic and disturbing, At The Death House Door will change the way you think about justice in America. - Bill Owens

In Attendance: Steve James, Peter Gilbert



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