Art War

Feature | NR | 93 min


Green Hills Cinema- Theater 5 Mon, Apr 21, 2014 6:45 PM
Green Hills Cinema - Theater 15 Tue, Apr 22, 2014 12:15 PM
Film Info
Section:Documentary Feature
Run Time:93
Premiere Status:North American
Original Language:English
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Marco Wilms
Cast:Ammar Abo Bakr
Ramy Essam
Ala Awad
Mohamed Khaled
Producer:Marlen Burghardt
Marco Wilms
Screenwriter:Marco Wilms
Cinematographer:Marco Wilms
Abdo El Amir
Editor:Stephan Talneau
Music:Tonbüro Berlin


Art War is the story of young, creative Egyptian Artists of the Arab Spring who, through the means of graffiti murals, rebellious music, art, and enlightenment, try to salvage their revolution from going under. The film follows revolutionary artists through two and a half years of post-revolutionary anarchy, from the 2011 Arab Spring to the downfall of Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood. It describes the proliferation of creativity after Mubarak’s fall, showing how these artists learn to use art in new ways -- as a weapon to fight for their unfinished revolution. Art War documents the stunning evolution of graffiti artist Ammar Abo Bakr, graphic designer Ganzeer, painter Alaa Awad, animation artist Mohammed Khaled and writer Hamed Abdel-Samad in the streets of Cairo and uncovers the ancient roots of their rebellious Egyptian art in mystic Luxor. Leading revolution singer Ramy Essam and electro-punk singer Bosaina create the soundtrack to the Egyptian revolution youth’s lifestyle. Marco Wilms: "In 2011, the images of the Egyptian uprising touched me very much. As an East German, they reminded me of my “own revolution” and the fall of the Berlin Wall 1989. So I went to Cairo to film the young revolutionary artists, who were like me 20 years ago. But in 2013 it became a burning inferno. Martyrs of the revolution dominate our heroes' graffiti. They salvage the spirit of the revolution, sailing on Noah's Ark through the downfall of the Islamic world to the shores of a new life..."