Walking with the Enemy


Film Info
Film Type:Narrative Feature
Release Year:2013
Runtime:127 min
Rating:wartime violence and mature themes
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Mark Schmidt
Cast:Ben Kingsley
Jonas Armstrong
Hannah Tointon
Burn Gorman
Producer(s):Mark Schmidt
Randy Williams
D. Scott Trawick
Christopher Williams


During World War II, the leader of Hungary, attempts to balance war and peace in his country when he is faced with ceding power or accepting the execution of his son.  The German invasion and occupation of Hungary leaves thousands of his citizens in despair.  One of those citizens, Elek Cohen, is separated from his family and is determined to be reunited with them.  Disguised as a Nazi SS officer and aided by the woman he loves, Elek discovers the truth of Hitler's "Final Solution," and races to save thousands of his countrymen.

This film contains wartime violence and mature themes.

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