Running Blind/Right To Play

  • Running BlindRunning Blind
  • RIght to PlayRIght to Play


Film Info
Film Type:Documentary Shorts
Runtime:73 min
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Ryan Suffern
Producer(s):Ryan Suffern


Running Blind
EJ Scott set out to run 12 marathons in 12 states in 2012 for charity, and he did them all blindfolded. EJ suffers from a rare degenerative eye disease called Choroideremia, and was diagnosed as legally blind. He’s now raising awareness to find funding for a possible cure.

Right To Play
Johann Olav Koss could have cashed in on his four Olympic gold medals, but Koss embarked on a remarkable journey that has established him as one of the world's greatest ambassadors of sports.  As the founder, President and CEO of Right To Play, Koss and his army of volunteers, teachers and coaches have used the power of athletics to elevate the lives of the world's neediest children.

Filmmaker Attending

Director: Ryan Suffern - Director of both films

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