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Screens in the program "Animated Expressions 2"
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45 Years of Canyon Cinema

A program of classic, seminal experimental shorts from the celebrated distributor Canyon Films, including work by Stan Brakhage, Phil Solomon, Kenneth Anger, Len Lye and Ken Jacobs.
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Screens in the program "Film Without Boundaries"
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A beautiful, allegorical film by Russian master Alexander Sokurov (The Son, NaFF 2006) about a grandmotherly woman (played by opera legend Galina Vishnevskaya) who visits her grandson who is serving in the Russian army on the frontlines of the conflict with Chechnya. A moving film about the endlessness of war.  Preceded by the film "Water (Voda)."
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All Day Long

Screens in "Shorts Program 1"
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Alone in the Real World, Together

A look at the making of the short Alone in the Real World by teens at the Preston Taylor YMCA and the inspiration and creative process behind the film.
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Alone. Life Wastes Andy Hardy

Screens in the program "45 Years of Canyon Cinema"
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American Teen

The 2005-2006 school year of seniors at Warsaw Community High School in Indiana. The film chronicles some of their hopes and lots of their fears as they navigate the tricky waters of small-town high school life and impending adulthood.
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