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Routine or vicious circle?
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Shot over the course of two years, (T)ERROR takes the audience deep inside the operations of a counterterrorism sting.
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{THE AND} Marcela & Rock

Exploring the intimate spaces of modern-day relationships, {THE AND} is the best couples therapy session you'll ever witness.
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130919 A Portrait of Marina Abramovic

130919 • A Portrait of Marina Abramovic is a haunting, one-take 3D study of the prolific performance artist, capturing the breadth of space in infinite detail.
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2 by 2

Four screens, four stories-An old lady burns her popcorn; a guy is pursued by the girl downstairs but he only has eyes for his super; meanwhile, a husband cheats on his wife and is caught red handed.
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24HR Records

A web series that hand picks a team of musicians, locks them in a studio, and asks them to write and record three complete songs in twenty-four hours.
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54 Film Fest

The 54 Film Fest is a Tennessee timed film contest putting filmmakers to the challenge of creating a 4-7 minute short film, with only 54 hours to do so.
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6 Desires: DH Lawrence and Sardinia

Mark Cousins (A Story of Children and Film) delivers a meditation on one of England's most emblematic authors and one of Italy's most beautiful locations in 6 Desires: DH Lawrence and Sardinia.
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7 Chinese Brothers

A man unaccustomed to telling the truth learns to at least describe it.
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8 Bullets (8 Balles)

A grief-stricken French expat in Taipei who obsessively tracks down the man he believes is responsible for killing his family.
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Adult Beginners

Out of a job after a disastrous product launch, a big-city entrepreneur retreats to his suburban childhood home in this heart-warming and hilarious film about crashing hard, coming home and waking up.
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The Aftermath of the Inauguration of the Public Toilet at Kilometer 375

Fear is an instinct lying under the skin. But what if it mutates?
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Ain't It Nowhere

A group of friends in the South confront the pressure of settling down and an unwillingness to grow up.
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All the Pain in the World

A man is desperately trying to save the life of a minuscule fish. Based on the short story “Tutto il dolore del mondo” by Michele Mari.
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All We Share (Allt vi delar)

Two arborists are hired to cut down a healthy tree in a family's backyard. Why the family wants the tree removed seems at first incomprehensible.
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French fear jockey Fabrice Du Welz (Calvaire, Vinyan) returns with this tale of star-crossed romance and straight-up carnage, based on the true story of 1960s "Lonely Hearts Killers," Martha Beck and Ray Fernandez.
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All-Stars provides a hilarious commentary on the state of all youth sports today, spotlighting the parents’ blind ambitions and grand delusions as they strive to ensure that their nine-year-old prodigy be recognized as the elite athlete they imagine her to be, whether or not she possesses one whit of actual athletic ability.
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Alone (Seule)

Claire, a young woman, lives alone in a large apartment. Her fear of the outside world stops her from going out and letting people in.
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Amazon (Amasone)

Eleven-year-old Ada's father forgets to pick her up at the airport. She is invited to a neighbour's house to wait for him.
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The Ambassador to Bern (A berni követ)

A fictional account of the 1958 attack against the Hungarian embassy in Bern. Based on a true story about the aftermath of the 1956 Hungarian revolution.
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