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TEST YOUR SYSTEM: Festival Trailer (FREE)

TEST YOUR SYSTEM - Make sure your system works before you purchase your virtual tickets or before November 6 to ensure you can watch the films. To test your system, buy a ticket to the this trailer and play it on the device you plan to use to watch the virtual films. It is a FREE trailer and you will not be charged. Make sure you check out with this in your cart so that it is added to your account. Once purchased, click on your initial in the top-right corner and click on "MY CALENDAR". The trailer will have a "WATCH NOW" button that you can click when ready to watch. A brown box will appear asking if you are going to watch on that specific device or another device. Make sure you test out the system that you want to watch your films on. If you have trouble viewing this trailer, please go to the FAQs to the "Ways to Watch Virtually" or "Tech Tips".
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Generation 1.5

The monumental influx of Soviet immigrants to Israel in the 1990s left an indelible mark on Israeli society. This powerful documentary explores this complex history through the eyes of immigrants to Israel from the former USSR who came as children or teenagers. Three decades later, they reflect on the discrimination and racism they experienced and the compromises and sacrifices their families made to live freely as Jews. They share their rocky journey, navigating their complex identity and sense of belonging in their adopted homeland.
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The Goldman Case

This electrifying courtroom drama offers a fascinating portrait of Pierre Goldman and his highly politicized 1976 appeals trial that gripped and divided France. Director Cédric Kahn was inspired to make the movie after reading the defendant’s autobiography, Obscure Memories of a Polish Jew born in France, which Goldman penned in prison. Political activist turned criminal, Goldman was tried and convicted of multiple crimes, including two murders; the police prejudice and antisemitism he endured reflected a microcosm of the political, ideological, and racial tensions of the time.
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The Other Widow

A week before the opening of his new play, Ella’s married lover Assaf dies suddenly, leaving the theater community in mourning. The young costume designer attends his shiva, keeping her identity a secret and diving into a world once forbidden to her. Wanting to understand her place in Assaf’s life and to share her grief, she finds herself growing more intimately connected with his family, particularly his wife. This moving film lingers playfully at the intersection of drama and comedy, probing the complexity of human relationships and empathetically depicting the typically vilified “other woman” as she demands her legitimate right to mourn.
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The Story of Annette Zelman

In this riveting drama set in 1942 Paris, Annette Zelman has fallen in love with Jean Jausion, a Catholic young man. His family opposes the match and when the couple become engaged, Jean’s father takes the extreme measure of reporting their relationship to the Gestapo. Annette is arrested and there is no turning back in this tragic love story based on historical events.
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