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‘Round Midnight

For the third installment in his Jazz Soundtracks series, local jazzman Ray Vega offers up this classic from 1986. Propelled by jazz immortal Dexter Gordon’s singular, phenomenal lead performance and Herbie Hancock’s dazzling soundtrack, Bertrand Tavernier’s ‘Round Midnight is one of the very best movies about jazz, the music and the people who make it.
Fri, Apr 26 7:00 PM


In 1968, Peace Corps veteran David Schickele enlisted his friend Paul Eyam Nzie Okpokam to star in a light-hearted comedy about the adventures of a young Nigerian intellectual in San Francisco. Using a docu-fictional style reminiscent of Cassavetes' Shadows, the film observes the foibles of late 1960s African-American culture with an outsider's incisive eye. The result is less frothy comedy, and more of a vibrant snapshot of the nation's racial politics, from interracial romance to cross-cultural misunderstandings and countercultural joy.
Fri, May 10 7:00 PM

Save Me a Seat: A Rick Winston Book Event

Vermont's film scene would be an entirely different and much lesser animal without Rick Winston's contributions. The New-York-born Winston arrived in Vermont in 1970 and quickly founded the Lightning Ridge Film Society, which then became Montpelier's iconic Savoy Theater. Winston was a founder of the Green Mountain Film Festival and its Programming Director until 2012. He's captured these and many more experiences in his fantastic book Save Me a Seat: A Life With Movies, which he'll be discussing at The Screening Room @ VTIFF on Saturday, April 20.
Sat, Apr 20 1:00 PM