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20 Weeks

"20 Weeks" is a romantic drama about a couple who finds out that their baby may have a serious health issue at their 20-week scan. As they're faced with tough decisions about their pregnancy, they recount their relationship and love for one another.
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A Billion Colour Story

“A Billion Colour Story,” shot in stark black and white, is told through the eyes of Hari, a sensitive child wise beyond his years who lives through a period of enormous change with his parents, Imran and Parvati – a trajectory that includes exhilarating hope and bitter disappointment. When Hari moves with his progressive filmmaker parents—one Muslim, the other Hindu—to a different neighborhood in Mumbai, they are faced with intolerance and fundamentalism from their new neighbors and members of the community.
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A Normal Life

A week away from leaving for his first year of college, Michael becomes concerned about his parents’ overprotective tendencies toward his little brother, who has Down syndrome.
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"AlphaGo" chronicles the DeepMind Challenge Match where an unproven AI program took on a legendary Go master. As the drama unfolds, questions emerge: What can artificial intelligence reveal about a 3000-year-old game? What will it teach us about humanity?
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American Folk

Two strangers, both folk musicians stranded in California, take a road trip to New York in the days after 9/11. A story about the kindness of strangers and the power of music.
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American Veteran

Sgt. Nick Mendes is the most upbeat quadriplegic soldier you'll ever meet. Follow Nick as he rebuilds his life, casts a fishing reel with his mouth, and falls in love with a nurse he meets in the VA hospital.
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And Then I Go

In the cruel world of junior high, Edwin suffers in a state of anxiety and alienation alongside his only friend, Flake. Misunderstood and demoralized daily, their fury simmers quietly until an idea for vengeance offers them a terrifying release.
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"Astral," a 30-meter sailboat built in the 1970s, had always been used as a luxury pleasure boat until its owner gave it to the NGO Proactiva Open Arms. "Astral" became a surveillance and rescue boat and set sail for the coast of Libya to carry out its first rescue mission.
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