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12:00 PM (109 min)
Tennessee Shorts 1
6:30 PM (100 min)
Chuck Berry
In this highly anticipated feature- length documentary, the absolute instigator of Rock and Roll, CHUCK BERRY is truly revealed, with exclusive access. Despite his iconic status, and reverence for his talent by rock’s heroes John Lennon, Bruce Springsteen, Keith Richards, Steve Van Zandt, Joe Perry, Alice Cooper) all featured, Chuck Berry was a family man. He was a prolific craftsman of word and chords; an undisputed and stunning combination of talent and charisma. Award-winning Film maker Jon Brewer (BB King The Life of Riley, Nat King Cole: Afraid of the Dark), lends new insight to the man known as the bedrock of Rock n Roll.
12:30 PM (80 min)
Waiting: The Van Duren Story
Managed by Andrew Loog Oldham (Rolling Stones) in the 1970’s, Memphis local Van Duren? was tipped to be the next Paul McCartney, but instead faded into obscurity. Van Duren’s lost career is a parable of the trials and tribulations of the music industry - an industry that leaves countless broken dreamers behind in its wake. Waiting: the Van Duren Story is a love letter to the artist that should have helped to define a generation.
5:00 PM (87 min)
The Garden Left Behind
The Garden Left Behind traces the relationship between Tina, a young trans woman, and Eliana, her grandmother, as they navigate Tina's transition and struggle to build a life for themselves as undocumented immigrants in New York City.
7:30 PM (97 min)
The Short History of the Long Road
For teenage Nola, home is the open road. Her self-reliant father, is her anchor in a life of transience. The pair criss-cross the United States in a lovingly refurbished RV, making ends meet through odd jobs while relishing their independence. A shocking rupture, though, casts Nola out on her own. She makes her way to New Mexico in search of a mother she never knew, only for her motorhome to break down unexpectedly. But after forging a bond with an auto body shop owner, Nola senses the possibility of mooring her ship in this storm.
2:00 PM (105 min)
The Wall of Mexico
Don, a young handyman, is hired by the Aristas, a wealthy Mexican-American family with two outrageously decadent daughters. The source of the Aristas' wealth is a mystery to Don. Living in nearby Winfield, he soon learns tensions are high between the Aristas and the poor white townspeople, and that this has something to do with the Aristas’ well, which Don is asked to guard at night. People are superstitious about the well. Don learns the Aristas are selling wellwater at alarming prices. Don becomes infatuated with the younger daughter, Tania. As the water level drops, possibly from theft, the situation comes to a boil, and the Aristas decide to build a massive wall.
5:00 PM (71 min)
De Lo Mio
Two “ride or die” sisters raised in NYC reunite with their estranged brother in the Dominican Republic to clean out their late father’s childhood home. The siblings laugh, brawl, and face their demons as they come to terms with letting go of their last connection to their motherland.
8:00 PM (131 min)
11:15 AM (60 min)
New Voices in LGBTQ Filmmaking
1:00 PM (60 min)
Marketing From Script to Screen and Beyond: Finding and Serving Your Audience
Discover how to prioritize audience satisfaction in all aspects of development, release, and marketing. A special session featuring Rich Peluso (AFFIRM/Sony Pictures) and Andy Peterson (ASPIRATION ENTERTAINMENT) who’ve reached millions through the films they’ve made and the film marketing campaigns they’ve developed and executed.
3:30 PM (60 min)
Women In Cinema: DIY Creation
Taking the DO IT YOURSELF approach, these incredible women took the reigns of their projects creating works from the ground up. Rolling up your sleeves and not taking "no" for an answer is how these creators started, but hearing about their journeys will educate and inspire.
7:00 PM (79 min)
Cool Daddio: The Second Youth of R. Stevie Moore
Cool Daddio: The Second Youth of R. Stevie Moore tells a story of the greatest ‘undiscovered’ musical genius of all time. He has recorded 400 albums in 40 years... in his bedroom. Unique and eccentric. Unrecognised outside of a small group of music insiders, until now...
10:00 AM (75 min)
The Evolving Future of VR in Filmmaking
A workshop showcasing how to implement VR and 360 cameras into every production (pre and post). We will demonstrate how to use a 360 camera to location scout and plan lighting and shots. We will also demonstrate how use the 360 degree photos to light a subject in C4D and plan lighting out ahead of time. Experience using a VR camera ready within a VR film set where we will ask audience members to come up operate in a virtual environment.
11:30 AM (60 min)
Evolve Studios | The New Frontier
1:00 PM (60 min)
Songs as Story Telling: The Art of Music Videos
1:00 PM (60 min)
The Art of the Story and the Song: Music Video Evolving into Short Film
The Gift: The Journey of Johnny Cash Director, Thom Zinmy, sits down with John Carter Cash and David McClister to discuss how an idea for a music video turned into a 19-minute short film. They will uncover the thought process of developing the story and adding depth to characters in the short film format.
2:30 PM (75 min)
Synch Upstream: Growing Your Music Career with Synch
Sync is a billion dollar industry, we know this to be true. For artists, sync can be the launchpad of a career and the foundation of an artist’s brand development. For the independent artist, sync can provide a sustainable income. For the legacy artist, sync can reinvigorate back catalog. So we ask the question “an artist gets a synch placement, then what?”. This panel will go beyond the traditional “Sync 101” layout and dive deeper into the symbiotic relationship that can occur when a sync placement is secured; even after the check is cashed, how the positive impact of a sync placement can spill into streaming numbers and in turn create streaming revenue.
4:00 PM (90 min)
The Case Study in Sync
An in-depth behind the scenes look at the decisions that are made when selecting a song for a sync placement by dissecting specific examples of work by top music supervisors and music producers. We will break down ‘the brief’, discuss how tempo, tone/feeling, and theme play a role, examine the reason(s) a song gets selected or not selected, the importance of context in a song, and the lines between the lines. This is an advanced look at sync placements.
8:30 PM (90 min)
Emerson Graham's nights as a cab driver are filled with annoyances and inconveniences, but until tonight, never attacks and disappearances. After picking up a mysterious passenger her evening goes from working a job to performing a quest as they must race against the clock to defeat a force of evil. The meter is running.
12:00 PM (95 min)
Experimental Shorts
5:30 PM (136 min)
Marriage Story
MARRIAGE STORY is Academy Award nominated filmmaker Noah Baumbach's incisive and compassionate portrait of a marriage breaking up and a family staying together. The film stars Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver. Laura Dern, Alan Alda, and Ray Liotta co-star.
9:00 PM (85 min)
Set in a home safely guarded on a secluded mountaintop, a young widow and single mother’s crippling anxiety is unleashed when she discovers that the repairman has plans to kill her and her son.
10:00 AM (60 min)
Take a Stand: Films For Social Justice
A look into how filmmakers are using their creativity and platforms to highlight social injustices across a variety of subjects. We will talk about how these filmmakers decided to stand up, be brave and tell important stories.
11:45 AM (60 min)
Adapting Books for Film: Finding the Best Stories
Hollywood has been turning books into movies for decades. Increasingly, synergy between book IP (intellectual property) and film drives decision-making at the acquisitions and marketing stages as well. Learn more from this panel of seasoned veterans of the publishing and film industries. Presented in partnership with WriterFest Nashville.
1:30 PM (60 min)
The Great Unknowns: Making a Music Documentary
2:30 PM (60 min)
The Future Film Experience: In Theater vs. Streaming
3:30 PM (60 min)
The Future of Cinema
The relationship between movie theaters and streaming has fueled a debate about the future of movies, yet new records are being set at the box office—at home and worldwide—at the same time options in the home expand. This panel will take a deeper look at the relationship between the two as well as how important diverse voices are to creating cinema fans around the world.
4:00 PM (60 min)
The Future of Music City: Producing Music for Film, Television, & Video Games
When you think of music licensing, complex (and boring) legalese likely comes to mind. Indeed, the process of copyrighting songs for films can get complicated, and often usage restrictions abound. It’s a lot. That’s where Soundstripe comes in. Founded in the heart of Nashville, Soundstripe’s goal from day one is to do everything possible to empower filmmakers to Keep Creating. Hear from the company’s founders as they discuss a multitude of topics, like why it was so important to make it easy, profitable and fun to license music.
7:00 PM (97 min)
Only is a mysterious, dreamy post-apocalyptic love story told elegantly and in non-sequential order by director Takashi Doscher. Tony Award-winner Odom, Jr. (Hamilton) and Pinto (Slumdog Millionaire) play the doomed couple whose fear that their secret will be revealed unveils the layers of pain and longing between them. As Will and Eva struggle to reach a beloved waterfall from their past, the couple attempts to survive in a new world where she is a commodity of unparalleled worth.
12:00 PM (80 min)
Born Into The Gig
BORN INTO THE GIG tracks the children of rock stars James Taylor, Carly Simon, Bill Withers, Stephen Stills and the Marleys as they become singer- songwriters in the shadow of their legendary parents. The path for these young artists is tricky -- filled with family tension, humor, and courage as they strive to create their own music.
3:00 PM (96 min)
International Falls
Dee is stuck in a boring job and a broken marriage in International Falls, a snowbound border town at the end of the road. Harboring a secret dream of a stand up career, Dee encounters Tim: a burned out touring comedian who feels trapped by the very life Dee desires. As these two lost souls form an unlikely friendship, they'll be forced to face the harsh but funny truths of their lives.
6:30 PM (78 min)
The Planters
‘The Planters' is a dark comedy about Martha Plant, a telemarketer who sucks at her job, doesn’t like people, but likes to bury stolen treasure for cash donations. When she finds unlikely friendship in Sadie Mayflower, a Jesus-loving vagrant with multiple personalities, Martha’s world starts looking up. But Martha learns that opening herself up can come with unexpected consequences.
9:00 PM (80 min)
Sequin in a Blue Room
After a chance encounter at an anonymous sex party, a sixteen year old boy hunts through the world of a hook-up app to track down the mystery man.
2:00 PM (95 min)
Narrative Shorts 1
4:30 PM (91 min)
Narrative Shorts 2
7:00 PM (91 min)
Narrative Shorts 3
12:00 PM (129 min)
Episodic Program 1
3:00 PM (127 min)
Episodic Program 2
6:00 PM (100 min)
Gay Chorus: Deep South
In response to a wave of discriminatory anti-LGBTQ laws in Southern states and the divisive 2016 election, the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus embarks on a tour of the American Deep South. Joined by allies The Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir, they bring a message of music, love and acceptance, to communities and individuals confronting intolerance. The journey brings them into people's homes, churches and concert halls, for a celebration of the power of music to unite us in a time of difference.
9:00 PM (70 min)
Graveyard Shift Shorts 1: Frayed